The depox

A storage unit adjustable in height, to be mounted from the ceiling directly above your car. For all things that do not find space in your apartment or that you simply do not feel like storing in your apartment – leave alone even bringing them to your apartment!



It is to us a special concern that depox a sure use finds!


Security tip:

Only goods suitable for transportation in passenger cars are allowed to be stored in the depox!

The storage of following articles is strictly forbidden:

- gas cartridges, gas bottles, despersion cans

- all petrol and kinds of fuel

- more than 1 liter engine oil and other lubricants

- easily flammable material

- creatures and food

The depox must always be locked.

Attention while closing the door - danger of pinching!


Danger glue for printing out (Pdf downloaden)



The garage owner is responsible for approvals.

For detail information you turn to your responsible office / City Council.


You direct other questions to the depox team, we are available to you for it with pleasure!