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What can be stored in my depox?

250kg of items you do not wish to store in your apartment or car but which you need at hand: children’s safety seats, sports equipment, engine oil, tyres…

How long may my skis be so as to fit into the depox?

2,5m is the maximum length.

Do summer or winter tyres fit into the depox?


Can the lock of the depox be integrated into my locking system?

The depox is equipped with a cylinder lock that can easily be switched to a lock of your locking system.

In case of changing my parking space, can the depox be taken along?

Just call our office and we will take care of moving the depox to its new home. The costs for transportation and mounting will be charged as per estimation of costs. Expert mounting is essential. In case of self-mounting, the customer is liable for damage and consequential damage resulting from improper use and mounting.

What can I do in case my new car won’t fit under the depox?

The depox is adjustable in height. With only a few movements, the depox can be mounted higher or lower. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Why should I use the depox for storing things instead of my cellar?

Cellars are far away from your car, and can often only be reached via stairs and doors. Out of sight, out of mind. The depox provides for storage room that is accessible at any time and with no effort at all. Children’s safety seats and sports equipment are not intended to be stored in a cellar or an apartment. At the same time, they are part of everyday life.

Why should I use the depox for storing things instead of a rented storage space?

The main advantage is the closeness to your car! The depox stores items of your everyday life!