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How much is the depox?

Please contact us by email office@depox.at or by telephone +43 1 9043041 and we will provide you with our price and data sheet.

Is the depox available in different colours?

The depox is available in two standard colours grey aluminium and sunshine yellow. On request, the depox can be delivered in all RAL colours, hence also in the colour of your car!

What are the measurements of the depox?

The depox has a volume of 2m3, the measurements being 230x100x98cm.

Who will check if my garage is suitable for the depox?

Provide us with pictures and measurements of your garage or your parking space.

Is the checking of my garage included in the price?

This service is included in the price.

Is there a flat rate for transportation for all of Austria?

So as not to confront our customers with unexpected costs, there is a flat rate for transportation. The same holds true for the price of mounting.

Can the depox be paid in instalments?


What is the estimated delivery period?

4 to 6 weeks after placing of order.

Can the depox be mounted by oneself?

Expert mounting is essential. In case of self-mounting, the customer is liable for damage and consequential damage resulting from improper use and mounting. There is an instruction for mounting. You need to fill in a mounting report which we will keep in our office.

Is the mounting on the wall and on the ceiling possible?

Yes, of course!