About us

Who is behind depox?


depox Team: Weilhartner, Hetfleisch, Spiegelfeld, Strasser

from left to right: Weilhartner, Hetfleisch, Spiegelfeld, Strasser

With 30 years of experience as property manager and building contractor, Karl Weilhartner was well aware of the problems relating to the storage of everyday items in garages. Everyday items, sporting goods such as skiing equipment, tents, tools, tyres, children’s safety seats etc. must not be stored in parking spaces. In addition, cumbersome and long ways via stairs to cellars make life difficult.

Karl Weilhartner put an end to this! The depox! 3 years from the first prototype to the final depox. As concerns production, we try to keep ways of transport as short as possible. We focus on regional added value and ecological aspects.

Right from the start, the depox has been available with a loading unit for electric vehicles.

depox GmbH was founded in June 2011. The first depox was mounted in December in Pressbaum. Marketing started in January 2012 with two product presenting events held in Linz (car park Lentia) and Vienna (car park WIPARK-Garage Missindorfstrasse 14th district). With its TOP design, the depox adds colour to the world’s otherwise grey garages! Shortage of space is now a thing of the past for owners of garages!