Johannes Böhm tells about his experiences with depox

Interview with depox user Johannes Böhm, editor, Vienna




Since when you have depox?

“Since scanty three weeks we try to get full now already in vain depox. Simply too much cuddy.”

Had you to catch up to yourselves before the assembly approvals?

“This was no particular problem with our immovable. Nevertheless, a neighbour turned out official and could not simply think that the depox assembly is permitted. Also this led to no problems.”

How long had you to wait for the assembly depox?

“The appointment was fast fixed and, besides, depox-crew turned out very co-operative. The assembly itself is fast finished.”

How often opening you depox in the month?

“Several times daily. Because it is a company garage, it is used depox by several employees.”

What do you store in theirs depox?

“As an auto magazine “AUTO aktuell” we test countless cars per year and we camp down in the depox useful for our Testprozedere. There would be, for example, GPS measuring instruments, tyre pressure pump, to starter cables, emergency battery or cleansing material if our auto-models are photographed. And: all-important! The loading box for electric cars. This is extremely practical, because depox can be also blocked off during the store and therefore nobody reaches to the outlet.

What would they improve in depox?

“We already have this. We have covered the internal metal surface with an elastic mat.”

How does it go with parking under depox?

“No problemo. Because we are no Rückwärtsparker – the sense will park behind the reverse I anyway never understand – absolutely easily.”

What occurs to you still spontaneously to depox?

“Am surprised am surprised seriously that till present nobody has come on this brilliant idea.”