Max Stransky tells about his experiences with depox


Interview with depox user Max Stransky, interior decorator, Pressbaum



Since when they have depox?

„Since December, 2011.”

Had you to catch up to yourselves before the assembly approvals?

„I wrote a letter to the house management before the assembly and got very fast an answer with the approval! The company depox stood to me with words and deeds aside“.

How long had you to wait for the assembly depox?

„This went everything very fast! depox was camping down, so I put out to me an appointment at the company depox. Two men have mounted depox and have also come on time by the appointment! After two hours everything was ready and cleaned again, even the packaging material had been decontaminated. The height was adapted with the assembly on the garage circumstances and to our car.“

How often do you open depox in the month?

„At least 2-3 x weekly, while coming home or while leaving.“

What do you store in theirs depox?

„A very multi-coloured programme in boxes with tools, different electrical appliances, gardening tools, as for example a spade. On the week-end the place becomes in the car for excursions with our children need, hence, everything has to go from the car out! Then the tools are exchanged for the holiday accessories, as for example Bob, ski, sledge …. So the stored things in depox change according to the seasons!

At the moment are beside the gardening tools also drinks, like beer, water and the Christmas tree decorations inside. By the way, in the yule tide we have hidden there the presents from the children!

depox is filled always well, although our tyres are stored in the depot! We simply need the cuddy for other things.

With our neighbours were already stolen from the ripe ones which were simply filed in the underground parking. There we feel very sure with barred depox.“

What would they improve in depox?

„You mine new ideas all around depox! I miss a stream connection for autohoovering!”

How does it go with parking under depox?

„At the beginning unusual, because depox about the bonnet hangs. If one has got used a little bit to it, it is like with any other parking bay. Rückwärtseinparken is not possible with our trade wind estate car any more, no problem explains for us, however.”

What occurs to you still spontaneously to depox?

„I am rather big and must pay attention not to tap the head in the open lid to me while loaded and unloaded depox.“